X-Cel Swimming

X-Cel Swimming is a competitive USA Swimming team
dedicated to serving the young people of the Princeton NJ area.


Class of 2010


Kelly Covey University of Southern California

Ilya Grabylnikov Rutgers University

Class of 2009


Derek Chiao Cornell University

Virginia Hung Wellesley College


Rachel Lewinson Widener University

David Pennenga Lehigh University

Class of 2008
  Nick Covey University of Southern California

Allyson Koyen

Allyson Koyen Carnegie Mellon University

Mao-Yue Own Rowen University

Tony Wang

Tony Wang Carnegie Mellon University

Class of 2007

Kristin Cuprzinski

Kristin Cuprzinski

Drexel University

Shawn Halpin

Case Western University

Tony Qian

Tony Qian

University of Delaware