X-Cel Swimming

X-Cel Swimming is a competitive USA Swimming team
dedicated to serving the young people of the Princeton NJ area.

Joining The XCel Swimming Team


For complete information about how to join X-Cel Swimming, click here.

You can apply to X-Cel by filling out the Application Form, and sending back a completed electronic copy via email to headcoach@xcelswimming.org. Please fill out the application completely, including the swimmer's best times. Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed. Following the review, you will be notified about availability on the team, and the possibility of scheduling a "try-out" swim. Please note that submission of the Application Form does not guarantee a position on the team.

Upon acceptance on the team, the Registration, Medical, and Parent and Swimmer Responsibility Form must be completed before a swimmer can begin to practice with the team. The form should be completed electronically, and then printed and signed. Both an electronic copy and a signed paper copy of the form needs to be received by the team. The completed electronic copy must be emailed to headcoach@xcelswimming.org.



Specific questions regarding the team can be emailed to headcoach@xcelswimming.org. Someone from the X-Cel management team will respond to your questions. Please be sure to include your phone number if you wish to speak with someone directly.



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