X-Cel Swimming

X-Cel Swimming is a competitive USA Swimming team
dedicated to serving the young people of the Princeton NJ area.

PARENTS - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome PARENTS of X-Cel swimmers (and prospective members too)!

This is your page! Here you will find basic information from the team for parents and answers to questions that parents are asking.

If you are new, start here with the Basics.
For frequently asked questions, try our FAQ.
For terms you don't recognize, try our Dictionary.

Something Not here? If there's something you'd like to see here, let us know at xcelswim@xcelswimming.org!

Start Here with The Basics

How to join the team

For information on how to join the team, please see Joining The Team  for details and forms.

What we need from parents

  1. Parent Participation is Required - All parents may be called on to time swimmer's races during meets. In addition, there are many team needs that parents fill.  When you fill out the application to join the team, you agree to participate in at least one of the following areas:

    1. Swim Meet Committee: organizes and manages meets hosted by X-Cel; coordinates the X-Cel volunteers (timers) at swim meets the team attends, etc.
    2. Website Committee: updates the X-Cel website; including the practice schedule, meet information, meet entries, meet results, etc.
    3. Publicity Committee: manages public relations for X-Cel, including production of articles, press releases, advertising, etc. Also, includes taking pictures at swim meets and other events.
    4. Operations Committee: prepares a business plan for the team; manages team registrations; maintains the membership roster and address list, etc.
    5. Social Committee: organizes the team parties & banquet, and other events.
    6. Timing Assignments Committee: Are primarily responsible for timing at meets that X-Cel attends that are hosted by other teams.
    7. Swim Official Committee: recruit team parents to become certified USA Swim Officials, officiate at meets and ensure proper training of same.
    8. Team Apparel and Equipment Committee: coordinate team apparel and equipment orders and distribution of same.

  2. Parents Need to Model Good Swim Behavior - respect for coaches and each other, supporting the kids no matter what - find it all spelled out for you in this article, 10 Commandments for Swimming Parents.

What we offer swimmers

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Long Course - One of the two "core programs" of competitive swimming.  A swimmer participating in the Long Course core program joins the X-Cel swim team from April to July.  "Long Course" means swimmers compete in a 50-meter long pool.  For more details see X-Cel Swimming.

Short Course - One of the two "core programs" of competitive swimming.  A swimmer participating in the Short Course core program joins the X-Cel swim team from September to March.  "Short Course" means swimmers compete in a 25-yard long pool.  For more details see X-Cel Swimming.

Program (Swim) Fee - Paid to X-Cel to be a member of the team and attend swim practice. The Program Fee charged for each swim level varies and is determined to ensure that the team can meet its operating budget for the season. Current X-Cel Programs are: Long Course, Short Course, Pre-PASDA, Pre-Competition Stroke & Turn, and HS Warm-Up.

US Swimming Registration Fee - Paid to US Swimming annually, every September, by X-Cel for each swimmer to be a member of US Swimming. All X-Cel swimmers must be members of US Swimming, regardless of the program they attend. If a USS registered swimmers transfers to X-Cel from another team after September, they must pay the USS transfer fee. Any swimmer new to USS that joins X-Cel must pay the full registration fee when they join the team.

Meet Escrow Account - Established for each swimmer to pay the US Swimming meet entry fees for which the swimmer is registered to swim at US swim meets. Each swimmer who is age 9 or over should begin each season with $100 in his or her meet escrow account; $50 for each swimmer under 9. Depending on how many meets and events each swimmer competes; additional funds might be needed as the season progresses. Any balance is refunded when the swimmer leaves the team.

Family Work Bond - Assessed by the team to help ensure that each family performs its obligations to volunteer to help run X-Cel-sponsored swim meets and such other duties and responsibilities as requested from time to time; including participation on one or more team committees. Any balance is simply rolled over to the following season and is refunded when the swimmer leaves the team.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is there an online conversion tool to convert your Long Course times to Short Course and vice versa?
A: Great question! Here's a tool that my swimmer likes, at the Swimming World Magazine website.

Q: How can I find out more about Health Issues, Growth & Development and other topics?
A: Try the USA Swimming Website page, "Parent's" tab

Q: What can parents do - what are the roles?
A: Take a look at Start with the Basics - this explains, with links to more information.

Q: Who do I contact when I have questions?
A: For a detailed list of contacts go to the Team Contact Information page.

Q: I want to get meet results; I need a downloading password.  How do I get that information?
A: Start by getting on the mailing list (see Join Address List to get announcements).  If you still have trouble or questions contact xcelswim@xcelswimming.org. The meet results access password is sent to new parents by email, and to all parents by email when the password changes (about once each season).

Q: I want my swimmer to swim in a coming meet; how do we pick events?
A: This is the "meet entries" procedure.

 1) Each "level coach" will choose events for his/her swimmers for meets.
 2) These initial "Meet Entries" will be posted to the Team Website.
 3) The team will then send an Email Notice to parents letting them know that the Meet Entries have been selected by the coaches and posted.

If parents and swimmers are satisfied, no further action is necessary.
If there are questions or concerns, parents and swimmers may speak with the coaches or send email to meetentries@xcelswimming.org to change or remove the entries.

Don't See The Answer You Need? Send us your question at xcelswim@xcelswimming.org!

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